I've never experienced BDSM, will it hurt?

All participants are screened for interests and we create an atmosphere that you will enjoy.

Pain is optional. The Ladies are in charge. You will accept this and follow directions. Your safety is ensured.

Will I be naked?

Male nudity is only required at our CFNM events (Clothed Female, Naked Male) otherwise you may dress in theme or respectable/sexy underwear. Ladies appreciate a well dressed man at parties.

WHERE are the events held?

Depending on the theme, these may be in private homes, Suites, rented dungeon spaces. SOME experiences involve a group night on the town or shopping trip for sissy supplies

These are in DALLAS Texas and will be organized in various other states in 2022.

How much are the events?

Not cheap. Fantasy isnt free.

$= 150 - 249

$$= 250 - 349

$$$= 350 - 600

$$$$= 600 - 2500+

Events rates vary but are what cover performer fees, event space, food, party favors and cleaning supplies.

Performers are present for multuple hours at a fraction of out hourly rates.

Overnight events are quite pricey for 2+ Domina.

24-48 Hour Weekend experiences are even pricier. 

Want to be the only guy in the space of 3-4 Ladies, we can make it happen

How much is YOUR fantasy fulfillment worth?

Besides featured Domina who else will be there?

Female Dominants in attendance will be chosen according to party theme. There can be 2-12 Ladies depending on the theme. Most events have 4 to 6 Highly skilled,safe, vetted Dominant Women, 2 nationally known professional guaranteed at each event.

Will I get playtime? Which Domina will I get to play with?

To ensure that each participant has an ideal time, we keep participants to a minimum to ensure optimum enjoyment for all. Every participant will have the opportunity to interact with each Domina. Private scene arrangements may be available for your Domina of choice before or after the event.

Is there going to be sex?


These are classy BDSM kinky events for consenting adults.

NO illegal activities of any kind are allowed at these parties.

Dominatrices are NOT Escorts and there are NEVER any sexual exchanges between party guests and participants!

Do NOT expect any type of sexual release at our events. 

You can negotiate fetishes prior to your application and next step.

Why do I have to prepay an entry fee?

We have to deposit for venues.

We also have Dominant Educators that travel across the US to attend.

These Ladies require travel allowances.

Venues require deposits and Food isnt free. It's business.

Because there are limited spaces and we have a LOT of inquiry, we determine those that are serious about attending those that submit a timely application and timely deposit/full payment prior to events.

NO cash at the door for safety and obvious reasons.


When is the latest I can pay?

Because there are pre-event expenses, your ticket should be purchased ASAP after application and screening questions answered.

We have limited spots and we will NOT hold your spot without a ticket purchase or 50% non refundable deposit.

Balance and FULL ENTRY fee must be paid 2 days before the event to finalize event preparations.

We do not allow last minute applications the day of the event or have cash transactions done AT the party venue for our safety and yours.

(Additional tributes between you and your chosen Domina may accepted in plain envelopes at the end of the event.)

You will be allowed a 5 minute Q&A phone call to ease your mind if there is a question about this.

Will there be food or drinks?

Finger foods, beverages are served at most 2-4 hour events.

Dinner parties, slumber parties and overnight events allow for meals for the party attendees.

Water, non-carbonated beverages and house wine is typically served

I am a germaphobe. Will I be safe?

That's funny after COVID19 Pandemic.

Most Professional Dominant Women have always been extremely conscious of cross-contamination. We have ALWAYS required cleaning and barriers for bodily fluids/contact on surfaces, tools and equipment. Gloves and aprons required for food handling. This is taken seriously by event coordinators.

What if someone sees me? 

your anonymity is respected. A hood/mask will be provided for the entire event if you should desire. you may bring your own.

I don't want to do a party with other guys but want to see 1 or more of the Featured Dommes. How?

Most of the Featured Dommes are offering Private scenes before or after the party and you can approach them directly. We request a $50 marketing fee from the Professional so they will add that to your session. If you want a private multi-Domme experience, that is possible. Doubles with 2+ Domina available depending on the request. A 50% deposit is required .

Custom 24-72 hour weekend events are possible in Texas and on tours with 100% prepaid travel expenses.

I want pictures or videos of my experience.

Photo releases are offered and can be accommodated with your written consent. No other attendees will be in your photos.