Fun BDSM themed small group parties with Professional Dominant Females

We have events for clients that prefer a non-traditional Female domination scenarios as well as specific multi-Domina fetish situations.


We may rarely host latex, leather, or high fetish Dominatrix events. There are plenty of those. Our events cater to those that prefer a different experience with REAL Women that are sexy, approachable professional Dominants.


The Hot Domina next door

Amazon Dommes over 5'10

Mature (40+) Domina

BBW Dommes

Ebony Army BootCamp

Dommes of Color Cocktail Party


Big Feet, sexy shoes Parties

Naked Backyard BBQ

Kinky Slumberparties

and a variety of combinations of Domina

Our events are in classy venues and are designed to be fun and classy with a maximum of 20 participants.

Most events are 1:1 ratio

Personal Video shoots